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September 10, 2021

Our Own Little BUBBLE Keeps Our Mental Health in Check

The Fillengeras are able to “re-live” their “normal” life within their small bubble. With that, they are able to do the things they used to do before the pandemic. They are able to beat the anxiety, possible depression and disconnection especially with their daughter who is still young to completely understand the implication of pandemic.
September 1, 2021

In Sickness and in Health: When Husband and Wife Get Infected

Upon reaching home, the first thing their daughter did was to immediately lay down comfortably. She might have been thinking, finally, I am home. When her mom approached her in bed, her daughter asked, “Mom, can I touch you now?” Her mom responded, “Of course, you can even hug me…” They hugged each other as they cried, but this time, it was tears of joy.

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