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Dodong Shares Blood

Dodong pledges to donate blood. He aspires to be “blood galloner” any time soon.

Fille Fills Less-Fortunate Children’s Heart Thru Kiwanis

It is the time of the year where the young ones are looking forward where their generous titos and titas, ninongs ang ninangs and all the kamag-anaks share and send gifts. But there are also others who might not receive theirs, either because they don’t have generous relatives or their relatives may not be that capable. Good thing there are socio-civic organizations like Kiwanis who arrange activities that would bring smile to the faces of less fortunate children by means of gift-giving.

This time, Fillengera gives back. From all the selections of toys she had collected over the years, of course with some exemptions, she opts to share them to others. The funny thing is that, she hand-picked her commonly played toys and declared to keep it while those that were seldom played are to be donated.

Knowing that there would be other kids who will be happy to receive gifts and play with all of these toys, she willingly let go of these “once-was-precious-to-her” items.

It may be good to receive gifts but sharing your blessing to others may be even better.

Dodong and Enday Join Medical Mission and Relief Operation for Taal Volcano Eruption Victims

There is nothing more fulfilling than spending your time in helping others. Dodong and Enday join the medical mission and relief operations for the victims of Taal Volcano eruption which was spearheaded by LGU Tayabas and participated by other private organizations like Tayabas Community Hospital, Inc.

Dodong and Enday are not in any medical professions. However, they utilized themselves with the rest of the other volunteers in performing other tasks at hand. Enday enlisted herself as one of personnel in triage who would acquire and record blood pressure. Dodong was assigned in crowd control, managing and keeping the people in order while waiting for their turns.

It was an exhausting experience for the couple but equally rewarding. Given another chance, they would not hesitate to spend their rest days to volunteer in doing this kind of work for humanity.

Give joy and happiness to others

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