Get to know the Fillengeras

Our small way of appreciating all of God’s blessings.


We see each day as God’s blessing. It may be surprising at times, challenging in other times. It may be welcoming or hearth warming. Each day is unique in its own way. Whatever it is, be it as light as a breeze touching your face in the morning, or as heavy as the downpour during a storm, may it be as playful as a kid or as serious as an owl, we want to share it with you or just a part of it.

We are just an ordinary family who for others, might be living in an ordinary life. But for us, it is special, as each one of us is a blessing to each one of us! More than that, everyone and everything around us are also God’s blessings.


Filleh Casseh


She spends some of her time in online classes, little of her time doing art works and most of her time playing Friday Night Fun Kin and other Roblox games while switching to Minecraft at times.

On weekends, she usually joins with her dad capturing legendary Pokemons through remote raids.

Surprises from her mom makes her day.

Ton qwat asoh



The Snorlax (a fluffy pokemon) of the family not (only) for his size but because he dozes off easily.

He works hard, he plays (badminton) harder and even eats hardest!

He wanders and wonders, loiters and malingers, but only in his mind!

Brewed (Starbucks) coffee makes him tick.

Do unto others... (buffering)



A working mother who wakes up even earlier than the neighbor’s rooster. She loves seas and boat riding though she doesn’t know how to swim!

She can out-ace any jeepney driver during rush hours.

Random road trips and planned long trips excite her.

Huli man daw at Magaling... MAGANDA pa rin ^__^


Trouble Maker

A naughty cat who plays around

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