Success is not Only Measured with how Many Battles you’ve Won

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August 14, 2021
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August 22, 2021

In life, we face never-ending battles day in, day out. Some battles could be won, while others may be not.

Some people may measure their successes with how many battles they have won. Practically, we may all agree with that kind of perspective. However, not all successes can also be attributed to all the battles you have won.

In some circumstances, you know that you have won the battle. But despite you have won the battle, you may find an empty joy deep in your heart. That is because you have been battling with the wrong cause.

On the other hand, there may be times that you did fight really hard in a battle and still loss. But despite your defeat, you felt that you have won knowing that you have fought and stood with the right cause. With all the outpouring support from others, it inspires you to further pursue and never be discouraged. Really, success is not only measured with how many battles you have won but also how much you've touched someone else’s life.

For all the people out there who keep on touching other people’s hearts, you have been winning battles. Kudos!

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